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Here we periodically highlight the lawless uses of our tax dollars on ridiculous programs and projects for illegal aliens in Maryland.

‘Grain of Sand’ Film Festival Showcased Climate Stories Ambassadors' Personal and Community Stories

Feb. 25, 2023 midnight

Grain of sand film festival
The "Grain of Sand" Film Festival (see news release) sponsored by the Montgomery County Government, utilized illegal aliens and their anchor babies to tell us stories about how "Climate Change" made them migrate to Maryland!  The illegals are shockingly called "Ambassadors" who tell us their sad tales of coming to Maryland.  You can't make this up! 
Gosh, I thought they were border jumpers and it was the County's sanctuary status, free social services, healthcare, housing, energy, and job assistance, in-state college tuition, drivers' licenses and more that caused these uninvited guests them to invade our communities.

How much did this needless program cost Montgomery County, MD taxpayers?

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